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Newly released:

Kursk: The Battle of Prokhorovka
by Christopher A. Lawrence

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..... Did I Just Write the Largest History Book Ever? (long version)

..... Did I Just Write the Largest History Book Ever? (short version on History News Network)


America's Modern Wars: Understanding Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam
by Christopher A. Lawrence

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..... Small Wars Journal

..... Evil Cyclist

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Also written by Christopher A. Lawrence (even through he is listed as a "researcher"):

A History of Federally Funded Research and Development Centers


Downloads of Articles in the Mystics & Statistics Blog:

Janice B. Fain, "The Lanchester Equations and Historical Warfare: An Analysis of Sixty World War II Land Engagements"


Articles referencing The Dupuy Institute:

Report on Pre-War Forecasting

New York Times: Book Notes

Number of Iraqis Killed in War May Never Be Known : Casualties: One historian puts deaths at 30,000 to 40,000. The Pentagon has no plan to produce a formal estimate.

Peacekeeping in Bosnia: Fatality Estimates

Will America Help Russia Reach 2000?

VOA: Interview with Major General Nicholas Krawciw, 8 March 2003

How Long A War? Lets Ask

And now, the war forecast

Study: Insurgencies like Iraq's usually fail in 10 years

Study: Expect Iraq insurgency to last 10 years

Many see civil war in Iraq whether or not U.S. stays

Casualties: Low Number, Many Causes

Lies, Damned Lies and Counterinsurgency

Six Reasons Insurgencies Lose: A Contrarian View

Centreville Author Publishes Lessons From Counterinsurgencies

How Military Historians Are Using Quantitative Analysis — And You Can Too

Ground breaking analysis of America’s interventions, peacekeeping operations and insurgencies


Trevor N. Dupuy:

Tellers of Weird Tales: R. Earnest Dupuy (1887-1975)

West Point 1938

New York Times: Trevor N. Dupuy

World Heritage Encyclopedia: Trevor N. Dupuy

Wikipedia: Trevor N. Dupuy

Trevor N. Dupuy: Hitler's Eastern Policy


Nicholas Krawciw:

Wikipedia: Nicholas S. H. Krawciw



Casemate Publishers

Aberdeen Books


Research Papers and Books Referencing TDI and Trevor Dupuy's Work:

The Quantified Judgement Model and Historic Ground Combat

A Note on Dupuy's QJM and New Square Law

Virtual Reality

Distributed Interactive Simulation of Combat

Democracies at War

Democracy and Victory: Why Regime Type Hardly Matters

Analyzing World War II Eastern Front Battles

Kursk 1943

Book Review: Normandy 1944

Panzer Campaigns

Effects-Based Operations

Lanchester Models of the Ardennes Campaign

Fitting Lanchester's Square Law to the Ardennes Campaign

The Effect of Battle Circumstances on Fitting Lanchester to the Battle of Kursk

Against the Panzers

Fitting Firepower Score Models to the Battle of Kursk Data

Fitting Lanchester and Other Equations to the Battle of Kursk Data

Exploring the Validation of Lanchester Equations for the Battle of Kursk

Fitting Lanchester Equations to the Battles of Kursk and Ardennes

Fitting Lanchester Models to the Battles of Kursk (and Ardennes)

Analyzing the Effects of Urban Combat on Daily Casualty Rates

The Government's Valuation of Military Life Saving in War: A Cost Minimization Approach

Quantifying Combat Effects with Spreadsheets

Gefechtsmodell 2: Tactical Numerical Deterministic Model (TNDM), 1979

Modern Warfare, Intelligence and Deterrence

Scouts Out!

Isolating the Guerilla

Book Review: Normandy 1944

Becton: Autobiography of a Soldier and Public Servant

Reducing Risks in Wartime Through Capital-Labor Substitution: Evidence from World War II

Wikipedia: Military Simulation