The Dupuy Institute is an organization dedicated to scholarly research and objective analysis of historical data related to armed conflict and the resolution of armed conflict. The Dupuy Institute provides independent, historically-based analyses of lessons learned from modern military campaigns.

In tribute to what Colonel Trevor N. Dupuy pioneered, and in an effort to pursue his goals, The Dupuy Institute continues to amass historical data and strives to refine their understanding of the complexities of modern warfare. The Dupuy Institute is committed to the original goals of the founders of operational research – the accumulation of recorded, detailed data from actual battlefield experience – and the utilization of actual battlefield experience to understand all dimensions of combat, including technological and human factors.

The Dupuy Institute conducts its military history research, analysis and reporting under contract with government and private agencies, through book contracts with publishers, under the terms of grants from foundations and corporations, and through projects developed under its own initiative.