Tactical, Numerical, Deterministic Model (TNDM)

The TNDM is a quick-reaction, inexpensive, computer-assisted mathematical simulation of air-land combat. It is suitable for planning, for analysis, and for examining a variety of combat situations, ranging from a small-unit, low-intensity combat action, to multi-day corps or army conventional battles.

DUWAR Series Databases

These databases document hundreds of combat engagements across multiple key variables.

Compiled and maintained by military historians, these databases allow a researcher to conduct analysis based on quantitative data.

To our knowledge, the DuWar series is the most extensive set of force-on-force combat databases ever compiled.

Other Databases

In addition to the DuWar series, The Dupuy Institute also maintains earlier databases with data from the Battle of Kursk (1943) and the Ardennes Campaign (1944-1945).