TNDA Reports

TNDA Reports 1990-1992

125. Current Military Trends in Historical Perspective (1990) (Boeing) – Pages: 277

126. Report on Pre-war Forecasting (1991) – Pages: 3 

127. Estimates of Possible U.S. Casualties in a War Between United Nations Forces and Iraq (1991)(AFBA) – Pages: NA

128. Estimates of Possible U.S. Battle Casualties in Three Excursions of Gulf War Scenarios (1991)(USBA) – Pages: NA

129. Testimony of Col. T.N. Dupuy, USA, Ret. Before the House Armed Services Committee (1990) – Pages: 14

130. The Tactical Numerical Deterministic Model Manual of Rules and Procedures (Provisional) (1991) – Pages: 128 RESTRICTED


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