Classic Military History Books Available for Sale

America’s Modern Wars:
Understanding Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam

by Christopher A. Lawrence
(Casemate Publishers) ISBN 978-1-61200-278-1, Hardcover (376 pages), $32.95 – Inventory: 194
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Understanding War: History and Theory of Combat
by Colonel T. N. Dupuy
(NOVA Publications) ISBN 0-9638692-7-2, Paperback (312 pages), $24.95 – Inventory: 438
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Attrition: Forecasting Battle Casualties and Equipment Losses in Modern War*
by Trevor N. Dupuy
(NOVA Publications) ISBN 0-9638692-3-X, Paperback (176 pages), $19.95 – Inventory: 53 new, 1 used
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Elusive Victory: The Arab Israeli Wars, 1947-1974
by Trevor N. Dupuy
(Kendall/Hunt) ISBN 0-8403-7862-9, Paperback (669 pages), $24.95 – Inventory: 44
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Brave Men and Great Captains*
by R.E. Dupuy & T.N. Dupuy
(NOVA Publications) ISBN 0-9638692-2-1, Paperback (378 pages), $23.95 – Inventory: 109 new, 19 used
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Understanding Defeat
by Trevor N. Dupuy
(NOVA Publications) ISBN 0-9638692-4-8, Paperback (312 pages),  $24.95 – Inventory: 6 new, 1 hardcover
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Future Wars*
by Trevor N. Dupuy
(Warner) ISBN 0-446-51670-8, Cloth  (334 pages), $9.95 – Inventory: 3 new (hardcover), 1 used (hardcover)
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The Harper Encyclopedia of Military Biography
by Trevor N. Dupuy, Curt Johnson and David L. Bongard
(Harper/Collins) ISBN 0-06-270015-4 Cloth (839 pages), $65.00 – 3 new (hardcover)
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Military Heritage of America*
by R.E. Dupuy, Trevor N. Dupuy, and Paul Braim
Volume I: ISBN 0-8403-8081-X, Paperback, $22.95 – OUT OF PFRINT
Volume II: ISBN 0-8403-8225-1, Paperback, $27.95 – Inventory: 9 new, 7 used
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If War Comes: How to Defeat Saddam Hussein
by Trevor N. Dupuy and Curt Johnson, David L. Bongard, Arnold C. Dupuy
ISBN: 0915979276 (166 pages), $24.95 – Inventory: 3 (original version)

Hitler’s Last Gamble
by Trevor N. Dupuy
In Japanese (two volumes) ISBN: 957708379X & 9577083803, $49.95 a pair – Inventory: 3 pairs

A Genius for War
by Trevor N. Dupuy
(NOVA Publications) ISBN 0-9638692-1-3, Paperback (362 pages), $23.95 – OUT OF PRINT
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Numbers, Predictions and War
by Colonel T. N. Dupuy
ISBN 0-915979-06-3 OUT-OF-PRINT
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Breaching Fortress Europe: The Story of U.S. Engineers in Normandy on D-Day
by Sid Berger
(Kendall/Hunt) ISBN 0-8403-9516-7 Paperback (258 pages), $19.95 – Inventory: 34
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The Young Volunteer
by Joseph E. Crowell
(NOVA Publications) ISBN 0-9638692-0-5 Paperback (456 pages), $27.95 – Inventory: 127
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The Ramadan War: The Egyptian View*
by Maj. Gen. Hassan el Badri, Maj. Gen. Taha el Magdoub,
and Maj. Gen. Mohammed Dia el Din Zohdy
Foreword by Colonel T.N. Dupuy
(TNDA) ISBN 0-8824-4600-8 Paperback (239 pages), $6.95 – 9 used
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The Powder Keg: An Intelligence Officer’s Guide to Military Forces in the Middle East 1996-2000
by Major General Edward B. Atkeson (USA, Ret)
(NOVA Publications) ISBN 0-9638692-5-6, Paperback (250 pages), $14.95 – Inventory: 46
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Civil War in Yugoslavia
by Edgar O’Ballance
(Galago) ISBN 0-946995-915 Cloth (202 pages), $27.95  – Inventory: 14 hardcover
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US Army Uniforms: 1941-1945
by John Lyles
(Galago) ISBN 0-946784-35-3, Paperback, $6.95 – Inventory: 5
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Mounted Infantry At War
by Captain Stratford St. Leger
(Galago) ISBN 0-9470-2022-5, Paperback, $26.95 – Inventory: 1
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Iron Division: The History of the 3rd Division 1809-1989
by Robin McNish, with additional material by Charles Messenger
(Headquarters, 3rd Armoured Division), Hardcover, $24.95 – Inventory: 4
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The Mudhook Machinegunner
by A. C. Mott
(The Book Factory) ISBN 0 046995 796, Paperback, $19.95 – Inventory 3
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Rendezvous with Fate
by Col. Raymond “Chevel” Lallemant, D.F.C. & Bar
(NOVA Publications) ISBN 0-9638692-6-4 Paperback (192 pages), $22.95 – Inventory 20
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* The “used” copies are simply store returns with some wear on the cover. Please check Ordering Information for details about damaged copies.