Elusive Victory

Elusive Victory: The Arab Israeli Wars, 1947-1974
by Trevor N. Dupuy

In perhaps his most challenging task, creating a factual, impartial, and complete account of the Arab-Israeli Wars between 1947 and 1974, Trevor N. Dupuy achieves a resounding triumph with Elusive Victory. This invaluable guide to the conflicts that have rocked the Middle East for four decades surveys the operations in each successive war in concise, yet complete, detail. Insightful political and strategic analyses and illuminating personality sketches are also included. Applauded as the most useful and comprehensive study of the Arab-Israeli Wars, this book will intrigue the military expert, the historian, and the casual reader for many years. (Kendall/Hunt) ISBN 0-8403-7862-9 Paper $24.95 669 pages

“More than a straightforward narrative, this military history combines intermittent injections of political analysis of the protagonists’ personnel, arms, strategies, and maneuvers in the Middle East conflict. Aimed at the general reader, Dupuy’s absorbing description and factual compendium provide a useful resource for the student of the Middle East as well.” –Kirkus Reviews