So has the Spring Offensive started?

So, has the Spring Offensive started and no one has really noticed it? There are a few people who claim that it has:

Opinion | Counteroffensive against Russia is Ukraine’s D-Day – The Washington Post 

Now I have not read this article as I am too cheap to subscribe, as usually significant parts of it are requoted elsewhere: WP: First Stage Of AFU Counter-Offensive Is Higher Than Expected – Belarusian News – Charter’97 (

Probably the most interesting quote is from Col, Roman Svitan “At the moment, the Ukrainian military is conducting “forming’ operations…’This is not the main blow yet.‘” (my bolding).

Another supportive article (still quotes the Washington Post).

Ukraine Situation Report: Offensive Going Better Than Expected, U.S. Says (

On the other hand, other commentators are not really saying this:

Update from Ukraine | Is it the start of the Ukrainian Counterattack? New Achievements – YouTube

Update from Ukraine | Who blown up the Dam? Ukraine Lost Leopard-2 John Deer Modification – YouTube (discussion on dam continues to 11:32, when he switches to discussion of the front line).

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Christopher A. Lawrence
Christopher A. Lawrence

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  1. I guess that when the Leopards make an appearance, we can be sure.
    Although the russians are seeing them everywhere 😀

  2. Yeah that’s the one.
    Looks like the ukranians are attacking in the most obvious direction, and using the western equipment… I wonder if it’s “too good to be true” and maybe itś a feint and the main attack may be elsewhere.

  3. I realy hope these new attacks are meant to draw attention from the main effort, that will be directed eastward from them – toward Volnovakha, a major hub of rail & roads.

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