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Over the last month, we did something like eleven posts analyzing the possibilities and the ability of China to invade and occupy Taiwan. The summery post is here:
Will China invade Taiwan in the next 20 years? Summation: | Mystics & Statistics (

Just spotted a CNN article that is related: US Air Force to send dozens of F-22 fighter jets to the Pacific amid tensions with China

A few highlights:

  1. We are sending 25 F-22s to Guam and Tinian Islands (Northern Marianas).
  2. F-22’s are fifth-generation combat jets. China has 20-24. We have 180 F-22s (and then there are F-35s).
  3. Only about half of the F-22s “…are mission capable at any one time due to maintenance requirements.”
  4. 10 F-15s and 2 C-130Js are also deploying.

I copied the cover picture from the article. 

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Christopher A. Lawrence
Christopher A. Lawrence

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  1. Well… quote from the second article: “War is not imminent, despite Xi’s provocation. But Joseph Wu Warned that the Chinese President is under pressure at home and could manufacture a crisis to divert attention.”

    Kind of like Argentina did over Falklands?

    Another article here:

    To quote:
    “A recent survey by the Eurasia Group Foundation (EGF) found that a small plurality of respondents, 42.3 percent, favored the U.S. defending Taiwan militarily, while 41.6 percent were unsure. The views differed slightly based on political parties, with over half of Republicans in favor of the U.S. defending Taiwan, while 39.4 percent of Democrats agreed to come of Taipei’s defense.”

  2. Oh…another article:


    On Wednesday, Taiwan’s defense minister, Chiu Kuo-cheng, said China could be ready to launch a “full-scale” invasion of the island by 2025, adding that “they currently have the ability” to attack, but they would have to “pay a price.”

    So…how should I interpret this?

    1. We are safe until 2025 (meaning they are not ready before then)?
    2. Or….it is going to happen in 2025?

  3. I expect regional governments would have to take the treat seriously. It sounds like China will probably attempt a military takeover in 2025 or thereafter, if the current threats do not succeed in making Taiwan capitulate. Hong Kong was taken over (i.e. the democratic government was shut down) and so there is precedent for a takeover. IMHO it does not sound like an idle threat at all.

    • I do think the threat needs to be taken seriously. I don’t think China will attempt it by 2025. They sort of need a large modern air force capable of contesting the skies with the United States. That they do not have.

  4. More China news:

    “Chiu’s military believe that 2025 will mark the maturity of China’s anti-intervention and blockage capability around the Taiwan Strait…”

    Now….does “anti-intervention and blockade” mean “invasion?”

    Oh, and we do have some presence in Taiwan. Not sure it is very big:

    China is calling for U.S. troops to leave:

    Of course, China wants “peaceful reunification”

    More assessment:

    None of this really changes my opinion on the likelihood of an invasion.

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