Nungesser’s first battle

Charles Nungesser (1892-1927) became the third highest scoring ace in French service during World War I with 43 claimed kills (3 shared). In 1914, he was with the 2nd Regiment of Hussars. His first fight was a ground skirmish behind the lines.

His actual citation reads:

“Brigadier [Corporal] of the 2nd Light Cavalry Regiment, on 3 September 1914, with his officer having been wounded during the course of a reconnaissance, he at first sheltered him, then with the assistance of several foot soldiers, after having replaced the officer who was disabled, he secured an auto and brought back the papers by crossing an area under fire by the enemy.” – Medaille Militaire citation

Now another book claims:

“Enlisting in the 2e Regiment de Hussards after war broke out, he ambushed and killed the four occupants of a Mors automobile on 3 September and drove it back to French lines, earning himself the Medaille Militaire and the car.”

Is there a better and more detailed account of this event?


P.S. The picture is of a 1914 MORS 12/15 CV from the movie Aces High (1976).

P.P.S. From what I have been able to determine the 2nd Hussar Regiment on the 3rd of September was at  “Aisne, Courpopil, Farm de la Gouttier, Epied, Courbin and Maison-rouge.” (source:

P.P.P.S I have the 2nd Hussar Rgt reporting to the 4th Light Cavalry Brigade (Verdun) reporting to the 4th Cavalry Division (Sedan) which on 2 August was reporting to the II Army Corps which reported to the Fourth Army on 8 August 1914. Then I lose it as it is not reported with the II Army Corps on 5 August and it ends up in September 1914 reporting to the Second Cavalry Corps, which I am not sure who they reported to (in December 1914 they report to the “Groupement de Nieuport”).

P.P.P.P.S. Confirmation of award (Citations a l’Ordre de l’Armee):


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